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The journey we started as a jewellery showroom has come thus far to a multi-faceted group of companies named Amiradts Gold, Amiradts Property, Amiradts Worlds, Amiradts Home and Amiradts Holidays under Amiradts Group. They are all striving towards one goal- to bring the best of the world to Sri Lanka and bring a new growth revolution in the country.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the field of investments and the immense opportunities in Sri Lanka through the fields of Properties and Holidays and also to develop the retail market in the country by increasing the quality of the imported products that come with the best prices.

We bring into Sri Lanka lavish living lifestyle with Amiradts Home and international fashion brands with Amiradts Worlds.

The Family of

Amiradts Group

Amiradts Group is a family consisting of five different subsidiaries, each under the guidance of a sibling of our family.


What Sets

Amiradts Apart

It is a corporate business and our network is tightly bonded with continuous sustainable success for all who join hands with us.


Working in the field of real estate in Dubai has given us a vast network of business investors who are ready to venture into the development of Sri Lanka. Our strong connection with this network ensures assurance and credibility of the investments we bring to the country.

in the Field

Along with our father’s years of experience in the field of jewellery, we have experience in the field of real estate and investment of nearly 10 years that gave us an extensive knowledge and an expansive business network to build our group in Sri Lanka.

Strength &

Years in Dubai has given us easy access to import genuine products from Dubai, and market them in Sri Lanka; products which are better than the ones that are regularly imported to the country. It is our strength that gave us the capability to conitnue Amiradts Group.

B2B Service

Delving into the retail market, we made partnerships with many companies and market chains to create B2B relationships in our journey to bring the best quality products including fashion items, home decor and hotel accessories down to Sri Lankan community under the best prices.

What We

Strive for

…is to bring the best of the world to Sri Lanka through Direct Import and Export as well as Direct Investments for development.



…is to become a bridge between Sri Lanka and foreign investors and bring down the best quality products directly from overseas.


Holy Grail

We believe in our capacity to bring the best of the world to Sri Lanka and participate in the development of the country.