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Amiradts Worlds is everything about letting your inner fashionista free. With our deep rooted connections in England, USA, Spain, Italy, Dubai, Malaysia, India and China, we set foot to bring the true and latest from the realm of fashion to Sri Lanka.

Fashion is not just clothes. That is why we bring down luxurious & international fashion brands including clothes, fashion accessories, watches, perfumes, handbags, leather items & cosmetics the total package for your runway.

Our Products

Each item we import sings the songs of luxury, quality and brand.


Drape yourself with styles that never die.


Accentuate your individuality.


Time Matters. Fashion matters too.


Wear the fragrance that won’t be forgotten.


Elegance, efficacy and fashion all in one.

Leather Items

Sophisticated and Everlasting fashion


Let your inner beauty glow like never before.


Amiradts Worlds Does

Fashion never dies. With every trend, every style, fashion continues to live. But the reach of the world’s fashion runway is too far to Sri Lanka. Therefore we Amiradts took the initiative to bridge that gap and bring the latest trends to Sri Lanka. Our specialty is that we bring down only the best; the luxurious brands that expose the trends in the world.

We take pride in our local and international business network who joined with us to share the fashion world with you. Though we do not trade directly under the Amiradts in retail, our local partner network has joined with us to share them with you. This local network consists of Sri Lanka’s prominent fashion destinations such as Odel, Fashion Bug, Nolimit etc. Amiradts Worlds functions as a B2B model under Amiradts Group.